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8 year old Hyperactive boy with psoriasis all over his body ( Case No. 5643 )

A 8 year old boy brought to us by his mother for the complaints of psoriasis all over the body, eruptions are crusty and scaly  on hands, chest , ear, back, scalp, face, legs  with itching in the eruptions.  Also he was an Hyperactive child & much aggressive in his nature, He was very restless during the case history.

His appetite was good & has got a very strong craving for raw vegetables & fruits, thirst was much less and lacks in body heat.

As per his nature, he is much aggressive and used to get angry often with striking in anger , Stubborn, very dominating & Very much playful, According to the history he  started with eruptions on his body with boils after the death of his father, used to remember him a lot, used to be sad with tears in his eyes. Weeping and sobbing in corner or putting face on mothers lap, remembers his father too much.

On the basis of case history he was been prescribed a constitutional medicine i.e. Saccrum offincinalis and after a month course of medicine the recovery very good, almost on whole of his body the scaling reduced, was much calm than before with good appetite, eruption started decreasing over ear, hands, forearm, was almost 70% better.

Within next month eruptions totally gone and just white spots remained which are on the verge of recovery.

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