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This section of case is very important with perspective of patients improvement,
The right Homeopathic medicine works like wonders so will be the improvement in each case. So the patient has to be in touch with us regarding the improvement of their health every 15 days to 1 month interval.

Patients can write us a mail or can chat with us for their improvent or if there is no change in the status of disease. Usually we do keep a record of contacting patients at an interval of 1 month but in case if it happen that we are unable to reach you for certain reason patient should voluntarily reply back.

Follow up of the case is very very important as because it gives us clear view of
1) Patients is Improving in good manner.
2) Patients condition is in Stand Still position i.e. no improvement and not worse.
3) Patients condition became worse.
This gives us an idea of overall condition of patient and we can decide the further strategy of mediciation or else we can go for some aggresive decisions like changing the plan of medication etc.

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