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Steps For Consultation

You can seek our Telemedicine Consultation in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1:

Register first to ge an antccout

Step 2:

Fill up Case History Form in your  Account & Make your payment

Step 3:

Receive Medicines through Courier anywhere in the World


Consultation Packages Available : -



1 Time Consultation

6 Months

12 months

USA and Canada 

US$ 22 

US$ 55 

US$ 110 

Europe and Australia 

€ 25 

€ 60 

€ 120 

Asia, Africa and South America 

US$ 22

US$ 55 

US$ 110 

India (Indian residence only) 

INR 1500 

INR 3500 

INR 7000 

Note: The cost includes: Consultation, medicines,and online support for the specified treatment. Shipping charges will be extra.

Sending Money by Western Union?

Please call or email to find out the name of the person in whose favor the Western Union money could be sent. After making the said payment, you are supposed to send a 10 digit "Money Transfer Control Number" (MTCN) by email.

Note : - 
1) Charges for online consultation is for one time consultation, 6 month and every year basis. follow up for patients if required during treatment is kept free and they can contact us on our chat ID or on mail but if patient require medicine to be sent, it will be charged.

2) Sending medicine to patients abroad will be with mutual understanding with patient, it will be discussed with patient during consultation.

3) Charges may vary according to different countries.

4) Some countries doesnt allow homeopathic medicines  in such situation  patient himself should  try  to carry  these medicines with the help of courier service.

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