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Dr. Asher Shaikh with his vast experience and patients accross the globe has been known to treat the incurables and has been promoting the role of homeopathy accross the globe. 

There are two ways to consult Dr. Asher:

1. Consult in Person: Dr. Asher is available at the clinic from monday to saturday from 09.30 am to 2.30 pm. and from 5pm to 9pm. An appointment can be fixed in advance by phone (91-253-2571640 / 6512817) or by

2. Consultant online: Dr. Asher has designed a special online consultation and follow up protocol that allows patients anywhere in the world to login and submit his/her case and consult him.

The steps for online consultation are as follows.

You can seek our Telemedicine Consultation in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1:

Register first to ge an antccout

Step 2:

Fill up Case History Form in your  Account & Make your payment

Step 3:

Receive Medicines through Courier anywhere in the World


Consultation Packages Available



One Time Consultation

Six Months Unlimited Consultation

One Year Unlimited Consultation

Patients Residing in india

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 3500/- *

Rs. 6000/- *

Patients Residing Elsewhere in the World

£12.00 GBP


22.00 USD


€ 16.00 EUR

£ 45.00 GBP


75.00 USD


€ 55.00 EUR

£ 80.00 GBP


130.00 USD


€ 100.00 EUR



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