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Dr Asher is a Homeopathic Physician and a leading Classical homeopath in India, with over 15 years of his clinical practice in Nashik, Maharashtra. He got trained in the field of Homeopathy in India. He is ardent student of Homeopathy & follower of Classical Homeopathy, he graduated from the Motiwala homeopathic Medical Cllege, Nashik 1995. He is well known in the world of Homeopathy. He is well known across the globe for his fantasizing homeopathic cures & magnetising personality.

He runs a very busy practise in Nashik & having successful chain of clinics at Nashik, Mumbai & Pune with all sorts of clinical cases dealt thereby. He is lecturer at Motiwal Homeopathic Medical College, Nashik & also training budding homeopaths in his own clinic.

He aims at propagating homeopathic science not as an auxillary method but as a perfect medical therapeutic science & is been directing all efforts for the same. He believes in 3D’s – Determination, Dedication & Devotion & working with a mission to spread Homeopathy to every corner of globe.

Recently he started with his dream project about online consultation. He has launched his new website with 12 hrs continuous online support system for his patients across the world & now he is having patients from countries like USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH KOREA, CANADA, INDONESIA, SOUTH AFRICA, UAE & SINGAPORE




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