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Energy Calculater
Weight Height Age Gender
kg   lbs cm   in years male   female

Activity Level Examples
Resting: Sleeping or reclining
Inactivity: Sitting or standing still
Very light activity: Seated and standing activities, painting trades, driving, laboratory work, typing, sewing, ironing cooking, playing cards, playing a musical instrument
Light exercise: Walking on a level surface at 2.5 to 3mph, garage work, electrical trades, carpentry, restaurant trades, house cleaning, child care, golf, sailing, table tennis
Moderate exercise: Walking 3.5 to 4mph, weeding and hoeing, carrying a load, cycling, skiing, tennis, dancing
Heavy exercise: Walking with load uphill, tree felling, heavy manual digging, basketball, climbing, football, soccer
Activity Level Examples
Very light activity:
Light exercise:
Moderate exercise:
Heavy exercise:
Total Daily Calories

This tool is intended for information use only. Do not rely on it to make decisions about your health. Always consult your doctor for personal medical advice.
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