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Presenting Complaints :

Both feet swelling since 10-15 days.started in left Foot then  right.

Heaviness sensation in legs.

Throbbing pain.

< tension, walking,

> pranayam

Left elbow pain.left than right.

Knee pain:swelling & stiffness

Varicose veins

Acidity < spicy food




CRP- positive

RA –negative


FBSL -115.9





Desires: Sprouts, Milk+++, Lemon++, Salad.

Aversion: Brinjal

Thirst: Thirsty.

App:less since 4 months


Sleep: Sleepless Due to  pains, Unrefreshing Salivation During Sleep

Position: More on Back

Perspiration: Scanty

Thermal: Feels Heat more than Cold



He is romantic, Very Sensitive,  loves to help others. Loves to roam around and be in his friends, likes happy go lucky life. Loves to mix with people of any age, doesn’t like to do quarrels, like to make others laugh.

Hobbies – Playing Cricket, Badminton

Loves travelling, Attending weddings., has travelled a lot all over india, Loves to go to religious places

Very attached with wife, If wife is sick gets disturbed, gets stressed out, Feels insecured – dependent on wife.

 I dont make people disappointed, i dont have a habit to break my relations, my nature ilike to help others.

Sensitive for others feeling.

Stress In Life - Mother died a year back and had all family responsibility on him, Hedint wanted to work in his fathers shop but coz of responsibility he has entered in business. His social life reduced, He felt not enjoying the work, lost his confidence in work, so postpones his work.

Understanding of case -

He is a person who is Caring, Sympathetic, Very Sensitive, Affectionate and has to undertake things opposite to his intention.

According to case we have prescribed him Remedy Called Phosphorus in minimum Dose.

Follow up - He is improving very significantly, Now he can walk, step up, exercise, can do his regular  routine work.

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