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This is a case of child aged 10 years.

Presenting Complaints –

Swelling over left knee since 6 months

Ailments From – Fall on Road

H/O fall when she was 1 ½ year old – that time no swelling was there

Pain in left knee

< Walking, Stretching legs, Winter

>Pressure , Massage

Used to get recurrent fever 2 months back

Swelling – warm to touch


Past History – Fall on knee at age of 1 ½ year


Birth History – Wt – 2.75kg, FTND


Family History

Mother – RA  in her childhood

Mothers state during pregnancy

Vomiting for last 2 – 3 months of pregnancy

Husband dint have much income, what will happen? Income will start or not?


Personal History –

Milestones – Normal

Vaccination – All given

Appetite – Good

Desire -  Pungent, Pickles, Ice Cream, Cold Water

Aversion – Methi, Sweets

Thirst – Thirstless,  Has to force to drink water

Stools – Satisfactory

Urine – No Complaints

Thermals – Chilly, Can’t tolerate Cold

Sleep – Sound, Folds left knee & stretched Right knee during sleep, hands stretched over head.

Dreams – Once of Kidnapped & she ran & came to home.

Tongue – White coated

Constitution – lean thin child


Mind  -

Tell me about her nature?

She likes cleanliness much, Wants things at proper place,  If not she herself will do it & scolds younger brother for same.

If someone scold her,

e. g.  Why you dint studied today ?

then she cries immediately but becomes normal  after 15  to 20 min.

If someone console her then her eye are full of tears.

She loves if someone shows love and care , if her younger brother n sister given more attention she feel she tells u loves them more than me.

She doesn’t go infront of strangers, because she feels that the person came is a doctor, now the fear is less

She easily mixes with childrens, she talks by herself,  plays with them,  she doesn’t like to be alone.

Fears – She fears Dark & thunderstorm, Gets frightened if sees some frightful serial on T.V.  Turns her head to other side but still she watch.

Loves study a lot – even if we say enough still she continues, even if her knee pains she will study

If something goes against her wish, she cries, 

In School –

Mixes with children, She is Understanding

Doesn’t do quarrels

Helping others – e.g. If her friend doesn’t have pen she will offer her pen, If her friend doesn’t attend exam she will tell sir I will write her paper but give her marks. She doesn’t like if teacher scold her friends.

If parent scolds her siblings she doesn’t like it

When she help somebody she has the feeling that opposite person will also help her some or other time.


Understanding of Case

She is Very sensitive  Child, Very Sympathetic and fastidious, She has got a feeling that she should get more attention from her mother, she needs more attention want care and love. friendly and sympathetic in school, helping her friends in exams and class, Fear, of the thunderstorm;

Prescription -

She was given a dose of Phosphorus on the basis of symptom similarity.

Follow up – She is now able to walk, Sit and Stand on ground, She can Run in a span of 6 months


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