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Case of a chronic Cholecystitis

A male patients of age 73years complaining of Pain in right hypochondrium & epigastric region since 8 – 10 months. Complaints have started in july 2008.

USG ABDOMEN – Shows Multiple, Mobile tiny calculi with thickened Gall Bladder wall with cholecystitis. Mild Spleenomegaly.

Pain – Pricking type of pain, Pain better by vomiting.

History of Peptic Ulcer at the age of 25 – 30 yrs. And admitted for cholecystitis in July 2008.

No major history of disease in family

Personal History –

Addiction  to Alcohol once or twice a week but now left since 7 – 8 months, Appetite  is good, loves to eat fish & warm food, aversion to oily & spicy food,  has to go to stool for 3 times daily, increased frequency of micturation with burning in urine. Sleep disturbed due to frequent micturition at night and due to thoughts. Can tolerate cold more than heat, with scanty perspiration.

Nature as a person- He’s a short tempered person, becomes angry on cantradiction. Very fastidious and disciplined person, organised for his work. Becomes angry if somebody is late for his work. Very strict at work, doesn’t mix with his inferiors. Very meticulous in his work. Religious. Loves classical music. Social person, loves to do social work. Can’t stay alone.

Effect of Disease – Feels restricted because of his disease. He likes to live freely but disease has become like an obstruction in this freedom, he feels hindered.

Treatment – According to case study we have prescribed him constitutional remedy China 200

Follow up study – After 8 days of medicines patient find some change regarding no acidity & vomiting with less of knee pain,  pain in abdomen was still there. Appetite was good, sleep was sound.  Medicine continued…

After 15 days pain in abdomen was intermittent but intensity decreased, knee pain decreased, appetite was normal. Medicine continued…

Now after a year of treatment patient is not having any pain in abdomen, no hyperacidity, no Vomitings & no Knee pain, Now tapering medicines.



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