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Cardiac Diet

1.      Maintain Ideal Body Weight.

2.      Do not skip your Meals

3.      Do not Fast or Feast or Vice Versa

4.      Follow salt restriction. Avoid use of salt substitute

5.      Include salad in lunch and dinner. They are good source of 

            fibre & help to maintain blood lipid levels. Every dayinclude 

one serving of green leafy vegetable at least once

6.      Include whole fruit in diet. They are good source of fibre &

help to maintain blood lipid levels.

7.      Include a helping of curd in lunch & dinner every day

8.      Prefer tea or coffee. Green tea & Black tea are good source of


9.      Prefer fish to chicken & chicken to other non vegetarian foods.

10.  Exercise everyday as suggested to you. Exercise helps to 

maintain desirable blood lipid levels

11.  Strictly avoid all fried foods.


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