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Homeopathy is a branch of medical science and has proved very useful for positive life.

The popularity and fame of homoeopathy and the use of homeopathic medicines have increased lately. Doctor practicing in other fields of medicine has started using homoeopathic medicines. Homeopathy’s popularity has increased without any special publicity only on its merits and good results.

No matter, with excellent progress we can never beat nature. Medicines for incurable diseases have been found and many other medicines are discovered, but it is also true that man is getting more and sicker day after day and developing illness that was never heard before. His complaints are increasing, the widely used other medicine’s side effects disturb common man. Therefore looking at all the consequences, homoeopathy is emerging before the world as one of the best alternatives.


What kind of science is homoeopathy? What’s the idea behind it? Whether all sickness can be treated? How does homoeopathy treat sickness? What are the misconceptions? A little about all this: Homoeopathy is scientifically a complete medical science. It is spreading far and wide over the world for the past two decades. Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hanneman, a German scientist. Homoeopathic medicines are first tested on a healthy person (drug proving) and then proved. This is the most important difference between homoeopathy and other fields of medicine. While deciding homoeopathic medicine for a person, his likes-dislikes, habits, nature and feelings, mental and physical behavior, past sickness, sickness in the family or relatives, all these factors are taken into consideration and the correct medicine is then selected for him. Why are these factors considered and how do these help doctor choose medicines for a patient? 

The nature of every individual is unique and therefore, the illness of one person is his own illness. Every person’s health has capacity to change the natural symptom of sickness. The study of individuality of a person is a basis of homoeopathy. And the study of nature of individual is the foundation of homoeopathy. It gives medicine to that individual’s nature, and not for particular illness. For every illness there is a medicine which normally is a common perception. But in homoeopathy there is nothing called specific medicine for specific disease.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared mainly in the form of solid or liquid. But for the convenience of patient, it is mixed with lactose powder or tablets. The tablets are round and white in color and their sizes vary. The important thing is that the medicine is selected correctly which suits nature of patient as an individual. Homoeopathy is a complete and advanced medical science. For each and every disease, medicine is available. But for some of the diseases, the homeopathic cure has turned very effective.


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